Sunday, 1 June 2008

You're in the wrong place! Thanks to the marvelous John Lacey, I now have a website!! Its very nice, I did all the site graphics and things and John did all the hard coding stuff... anyways, I will be blogging there from now on so yea, update your rss feeds and blog rolls please! and I will see you all there shortly!


Friday, 23 May 2008


Nikki says:
whud you do fo fun

Rob says:
um... its kind of embarrassing

Rob says:
i don't tell many people this

Nikki says:

Rob says:
but I make videos and upload them to the internet…

Nikki says:

Nikki says:

Rob says:

Nikki says:
have you heard of!!?!

Nikki says:

Rob says:

Rob says:

Nikki says:

Nikki says:

Nikki says:

Nikki says:

Rob says:

Nikki pwns at life.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

English class Blog

oh... HAI!
I thought I would be different like chris and write my blog post somewhere strange like the toilet, but the best I can manage at this current time is my English classroom.

I am meant to be doing a case and product study thing, but I have pretty much finished and just need to wait until tomorrow when we all go into town to put our research and study into action and "buy" the products we have been researching, quite how all this is english related I am not sure but anyway, moving on. As i said, i am almost finished so for now I am doing nothing much.

Oh, I also updated my youtube page and banners yesterday, and I am VERY happy with them. I got tired of my old ones very fast... but these ones are more new and funky and my video banner allows for easy change.

I would upload my old and my new banners and background to this post... but the schools internet is really bad for upload. so I will link to the ones i have links to:
(now i know what your thinking your wondering why i didn't embed the mage via the link, the schools internet is weird... when i try and do that it just sorta sits there doing nothing for 5 mins or so and then says "upload from link failed"


Video banner

Page banner

Page background

ok thats about it for this English lesson blog post, I will bid you adue and go back to doing nothing much.

OH! one more thing before I go, If anyone has any suggestions for words to put into the video banner I would love to hear/read them so just leave them in a comment and you may see them in the banner soon!


FTW (contains coarse language)

11:57 PM
Do you have a blog?

11:57 PM
yes I do
11:58 PM
11:58 PM
link me up. I'm trying to make a habit of reading everyone's blog regularly.
11:58 PM

11:58 PM
I just did
11:58 PM

11:58 PM
11:59 PM

11:59 PM
11:59 PM
11:59 PM
11:59 PM
Oh you haven't updated in a while...haha.
11:59 PM

See the difference there
11:59 PM

11:59 PM
nah... haha
11:59 PM
You swear, I don't xD
11:59 PM
11:59 PM

swearing FTW
12:00 AM
swearing fuck the what?
12:00 AM
swearing fucked the wilder beast
12:00 AM

12:01 AM
swearing fucked the wilder beast
12:01 AM

I think there is something in that for all of us
12:01 AM
Words of wisdom from Rob Cameron.
They will go down in history
12:01 AM

as a legacy.
12:01 AM

of Halfscottishness

Friday, 2 May 2008

My day.

A couple of days ago I made a chuck Norris parody and I was going to upload it to YouTube, but just as I was about to upload it chuck Norris kicked down my door and delivered me a major beat down via a round house kick to the face, I died, and was reincarnated in the past as my own pet gerbil, over months of intensive memory therapy I
was able to recall the happenings of my previous life and through intensive training I was able to tone my gerbil voice box so I was able to master the English language, I was then able to warn my past self about the fatal events that would befall me if I made the chuck Norris video and was able to put a stop to my own horrible demise, of course because my gerbil self managed to stop my human self from creating the chuck Norris video my gerbil self therefore stopped his own creation by reincarnation, this created a time paradox which would have destroyed 2 thirds of the universe except for the fact that I was able to catch the paradox in a jar and save the universe. The paradox now lives in a jar on my shelf and will stay there for evermore, unless somebody pisses me off really badly, and I feel the need to release it and let it reek vengeance on an unsuspecting world.

Of course apart form the paradox in a jar, I have no evidence of this horrible fate that nearly destroyed 2 thirds of the universe, The only proof I have is what has been told to me by my hamster, so it could all be a lie fed to me by the hamster in a elaborate plot to make himself feel more important, this seems unlikely, although he has proved to be quite devious and selfish on occasion.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Am I being too harsh?

A few days ago, Chris, Raj and I where chatting on skype, and we got onto the topic of sub 4 sub. I detest sub for sub and am proud to say I never engaged in it, even when I had under 5 subs. anyway, while in the chat, i thought it would be funny to go around to a few of my good youtube friends pages and leaves comments that simply said "sub 4 sub?" and then chris joined in and did it aswell. It was intended as a joke and all our friends saw it as that. but it seems other people have been seeing the comments and taken them seriously and over the past few days I have received several serious sub for sub requests. I ignored them as i have always done and for a couple of them i simply replied with something along the lines of "sorry I don't do sub 4 sub, I prefer to earn my subscribers" now this is where this blog gets its purpose and ceases to be pointless drabble, and gets its soul.

Today i got this message from someone who recently subscribed to me.

"I subscribed to you and you never subscribed ME back. i thought you said you do sub 4 sub even though i usually dont"

and i replied with this

No I don't do sub for sub!
If you ever saw a sub for sub comment from me it was sent as an ironic joke to one of my friends because we always talk about how much we dislike sub for sub. don't bother un-subscribing I have done it for you. Sub for sub is not a good way to get subscribers. you need to earn them if you want them to be loyal and watch, it feels much better to earn them as well.
- Rob

now tell me, am I being too harsh?

While I'm being harsh, I just wan't to make a statement to a few of those who have complained about my punctuation and capitalization in my blogs. this is my blog, I come here to write, not to be graded. I will not always remember to capitalize my I's. I will not always remember to put an apostrophe in I'm and I will occasionally have typos.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Saturday, 12 April 2008


2:35 - arrive at the bus stop 10 mins early. Wait for bus.

2:50 - begin to wonder where bus is.

3:00 - get annoyed that the bus didn't arrive. check timetable

3:05 - get more frustrated that the first bus didn't come when you realize you have to wait another 20 minutes for the next bus

3:10 - get bored

3:15 - get increasingly bored

3:20 - get excessively bored

3:25 - look around frantically for the bus

3:30 - begin to worry that the next bus isn't going to arrive

3:35 - get increasingly worried that the next bus isn't going to arrive

3:40 - begin to realize that the bus isn't going to arrive

3:45 - get angry that the bus didn't arive

3:46 - get angry at the bus service

3: 47 - get angry at society

3:48 - get angry at humanity

3:50 - realize that you where looking at the timetable for friday instead of saturday

3:51 - get angry at yourself

3:52 - feel like an idiot.

3:53 - decide to make it a blog post

3:54 go home.

I generally just do what im told...

WOW! okay nick, calm down, I'm sorry ill post more often, infact i might even post now!

I have been in the boarding house for a week now and it is fine, i come in here quite often because my mum goes away a fair bit. So for that reason I'm used to how everything works, and it is generally pretty easy to slip back into the schedule of things.

There are generally 3 things people ask about when they find out your going into boarding school, and i will attempt to answer all of them here.

Q: whats the food like?
A: In my oppinion the food is fine, allot of the boarders complain about it but they complain about allot of stuff so we won't bother with there opinions. when alot of people imagine boarding house food I think they imagine that classic scene from all american teen drama's with the kids walking up to the counter holding big metal trays and they have some browny grey still moving slop ladled onto there tray and they cringe and keep moving, this is certainly (and thankfully) not the case, last night for dinner there way choice of a vegetarian pasta dish, a sorta quiche thing and lasagna, and of course potatoes, beans and various salads for sides.

Ok that paragraph was getting out of control, I was jumping from one thing to another without making much sense so i am going to stop it and simply say the food is fine. :)

Q: is there a bedtime?
A: yes there is, everyone must be upstairs in the dorm areas by 9, in there own cubicles or rooms by 9:30 and lights out by 10. and yes sadly these rules are inforced, with people patroling and checking in on the various dorms to make sure all lights are out, and all people are in there beds. despite this most nights i have managed to stay up till around 11 watching movies, via either hiding my laptop under my bed cover or by hovering my hand over the screen brightness key and just turning the screen ligh off if someone ever enters the dorm.
oh yea im hell rebel...

Q: what are the rooms like?

The dorm's
(each curtained section is a different cubicle with 2 larger rooms at the end for the year 12's)

My desk space (if you look close enough yu can see this half written blog on the computer screen)

Ma bed(yay for bright colours!!)

Ok thats about it really for this post, see you all next time!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A Pretty Epic Day


How was my day you ask? EPIC thats how!

Ok, so I may have been sick home from school with a stomachache and dizziness, but today was still epic.

Epic things that happened today

Reached 700 subs (700th sub was residentmikelee)

Met 5 new epic youtubers

Had a totally epic 6 hour long skype chat with 6 epic youtubers

Became a member of an epic youtube brotherhood and secret society

Learn't the epic origins of Nar

Made a video responce to toddly00's epic "this is me..." video

Wrote a (mildly epic?) vlog post.

There was other stuff but I can't remember it all, so today i leave you with a demand:

All comments on this blog post must be epic, and contain randomly capatalised words. Or i will delete them!

(what do you mean you want me to properly puncuate and capatalise my blogs!? BAH! I don't need no punctuation! and besides, I'm lazy. I'm a teenager not an English teacher, punctuation is for squares... (do people still say squares? I'm so out of touch with today's slang... (WOW! brackets within brackets within brackets?! all correct English skills really have gone out the window haven't they...)))

ok bye

Friday, 28 March 2008


I detest the term "sup?" as a abbreviation of "what's up?". I hate it.
especially when used in IM.
The reason for this is i never know how to answer, to me,"sup?" means
"what's up?" and "whats up?" means "what's wrong?" and randomly
asking people "whats wrong" as soon as you start a conversation with
them just doesn't make any flipping sense!
I hate it! I detest having to answer it because I always just end up
saying "not much" no matter how much is actually "up" and then i move
on and say "life is pretty good/bad/amazing/awful/strange/cold/warm/
random/hippo infested", depending on what mood I'm in/the weather/the
political situation in Pakistan/the number of hippos infesting my
current residence, or all maner of other things which regularly change
my mood.

now, this is where the simple minded people may get confused, because
i detest answering the term so much, every time i start a conversation
with someone, i always say it after I say hi, i say it because in my
mind it makes sense, that if I ask it before they can, i won't have to
answer it, and I want have to go through the whole "not much" phase. I
know this means I am just passing the burden from one person to
another but it doesn't seem to irritate other people as much, or
atleast they seem to have no problem with asking it at every possible
opportunity, so i presume they don't mind it. although i also use it
at every possible opportunity... but everyone can't be like me or the
world would just be insane.

lets make an official agreement right here and now, i won't ask if you
don't ask, ok? good.

augh... i need to make a video...

augh... my computer's dictionary doesn't have "augh" in it... *add's
to dictionary* woo! now it does, ill probably regret that later... oh
well. at least the squiggly red line is gone.

okey dokey.

nyeeehhh, okey dokey isn't in my dictionary... *adds to dictionary*
augh... neither is "nyeeehhh" *adds to dictionary*

wooo!!! no red lines anymore... dammit... *adds to dictionary*


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Schizophrenic internet users!

an MSN conversation:

Rob says: 

Rob says:
Who is this?
Jane says:
Jane smith

Rob says:
do i know you...?

Jane says:

Rob says:
how did you get my addy?

Jane says:

Jane says:

Jane says:

Jane says:

Jane says:

And a youtube comment and reply

Hey Rob why can't you give me a shout out? Probably because I have more subs than you BOO YAH!

PS people are totally going to thumbs down this comment.
PPS You'll be beating me soon anyway.

[username removed]:

um, no Chris is right. my name is rob.

[username removed]:
well he is still a F%QKTARD!

seriously, what is it about the internet that makes people lose all contact with reality and makes people think they can just be complete Schizophrenic arse holes! seriously. I just don't get it!

Thursday, 13 March 2008


A creative writing piece.

The battered green van rumbled down the street heading for its destination, its load bumping around almost as much as the nerves of the young man in the driver seat. His mind contemplating what he was about to do.
If anyone had cared to take a look out their window that summer night and take notice of the van they would have realised what a curious sight it was. The van’s deep green paint was all scratched and chipped away revealing the old white paint and rusted steel that lay beneath. The front windscreen had a long, thin fracture running through it on the passenger’s side, a scar from an incident long since forgotten, the old rusty engine coughing and spluttering with the strain of the weight in the back. But people aren’t accustomed to looking out their windows into the street at 10:27 on a Sunday night so as planned, the van went unnoticed.
The van’s driver turned the wheel to the right as the van turned onto the main road. The suspension crunched under the weight of the van’s cargo. The young man in the driver’s seat of the car held back a tear as he thought about what was approaching, his dark matted hair shadowing his despondent face from the streetlights. He had been 17 when he had emigrated here; it seemed like such a long time ago now. Who would have thought in 8 short months, so much could change in someone’s life. Who would have thought that in 8 short months one man’s heart could be filled with so much hatred. He was too young to die and far too young to be doing this, but yet… here he was.
The driver’s heart rate jumped as he heard shouts erupting from a side street, a bead of sweat tricked down his cheek. “This is the end” he thought, “I’ve failed, it’s all over”. Suddenly a drunken couple stumbled out on to the pavement, they had just been kicked out of the bar and they appeared to have been the cause of the commotion. The driver was filled with relief, but also sadness. He realised there was no way out of what was coming, no way of cheating death. The result of 4 months of hard planning was here, and he wasn’t quite sure what to feel. There was no noise in the cabin except the rumble of the engine and the slosh of chemicals in the back. There was no radio and a tangle of wires and a small yellow switch hung from the cavity where the radio should have been, but this made little difference to the driver, he didn’t want any music. All he wanted was for life to go back to normal, for life to be like it was when he had first arrived. He had been filled with such hope, so many dreams and so many plans for himself. But the prejudice of society had quickly shattered all of that.
He was yanked back to reality by the harsh smell of fertilizer stinging at his nostrils He glanced down at the map, “not long now,” he thought, as he rounded the final curve before his destination. He turned the wheel and the car glided into a vacant car park out side the building, he pulled into a parking space, and turned off the ignition, He listened as the engine slowly died down and he listened to the sounds of the outside world, the world he was about to change forever.
He could hear the sounds of the city, a vehicle sped by somewhere in the distance, and somewhere near by a dog was barking. A bird flew along and landed on the fence in front of his parking space, he watched dreamily as it scratched at a place on its wing with its beak. “Fly away bird” he muttered to himself ”fly away..”.
He looked down to the dashboard and at the non-existent radio. He reached down and curled his fingers around the cold black plastic switch. He thought about what he was holding in his hand. Who would think such a small thing could do so much. It wasn’t just a switch, it was revenge, it was vengeance, it was a step along the path to the freedom of his people, it was a strike back at those who had mistreated him, it was his payback for what they had done. But, it was also a thing of terror, it was death, it was shock, it was pain, it was suffering and it was horror. But it was also one other thing, it was the thing he wanted most of all at this time. It wa a thing he wanted more than anything else in the world. It was a way out; it was his way of escaping this evil place. This burrow of hate. The only way he could ever be peaceful again. And yet… could he do it, could he really do it, all it would take was the slightest motion, all he needed to do was press his thumb and it would all be over. He thought of all the innocent people that would be affected by this he thought of the innocent people whose lives could be ruined by what he was about to do. But then he remembered the reason, he remembered the hatred there had been towards him, the hatred that had started when he arrived and had never stopped. He felt anger at society, anger at the World, He let the anger overtake him, his breathing became heavy as a tear ran down his wet and sweaty face. He felt the anger flowing through his body, anger at the world, anger at humanity, anger at himself, he felt hatred, pure hatred. It pulsed through his veins like a poison. His breathing became heavier as he looked down at the switch in his hand, he placed his thumb on the button, his chest pounding, his whole body tense. He closed his eyes, he raised his head as he let out one last scream of anger, his final message to the world he despised so much.

By Rob

Friday, 29 February 2008

Something rather graphic

and the something rather graphic is! my graphics work! TAADAA!!

Ok so over the past week and a bit i have been working on some Graphic Design work, for my Art, Craft, Design (graphics) class (seriously, how many courses do they think they can mash into one class before people start feeling ripped off) 
For my first assignment for the class i chose to do 6 (ended up doing 7) vector style designs. i made them in flash and i am very happy with them! I am uploading them to here very low quality, see the full size ones by going to my deviant art account.

ok that's all for today, ill try and blog again soon, and my other 3 cryptic blogs will still happen! soon!

Okey dokey that's all for now

catcha next time

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Procrastination is a Beautiful Thing

I just found *pop* a rather large *pop* piece of *pop* bubble wrap *pop* so excuse me *pop* if i seem *pop* kind of *pop* distracted *pop* during this *pop* blog.
(That's your cue to chuckle... no? oh fine then...)

Ok so hello hello again everyone, after announcing i would try and post more blogs, I have not posted in a while. saying I have had nothing to blog about would be a lie, saying i haven't had the time would also be a lie. The main reason i haven't been blogging is i haven't had the motivation. but I'm blogging now so stop whining K?

SO i am supposed to be tidying my room... and then i must do my homework. but I have kind of been procrastinating a bit... Since starting to tidy my room i have
- made a facebook account
- replied to all my youtube messages
- updated my (private) myspace
- made a "board of cool" which i will talk more about in another blog (soon)
- tidied my computer desktop and many of my folders so i know where everything is and everything is easily accessible.
- wiped some rather large things from my time machine backup on my external hard rive (see footnote)
- watched 2 episodes of stargate atlantis (Geek and proud of it!)
- caught up on all the blog posts i needed to read
- polished my school shoes
- managed to resort my school bag so i only need to carry my laptop bag around and i can finally leave that big ol clunky bag at home
- tweaked my growl notification settings for mercury messenger (the third party MSN client i use) so now if i have been inactive for 40s or more, the message and loggin notifications stay on screen until I hover my mouse over them and then they fade away, (I find this is cool and usefull, but i can guarantee you don't, but afterall this is my blog, not your, so stick it! =P)

so even thought i haven't cleaned my room or done my homework, The procrastination has been very productive... although sadly i doubt my maths teacher will see it that way... 

WOW i just came back like 3 hours later and remembered about this blog. i have now tidied (and vacuumed would you believe!?!) my room! W00T! *happy dance* it is all clean and nice now. I suppose it was worth it, and i have re found some pretty nifty stuff, i lost a while ago, including my mums master card which i borrowed several months ago, and lost within minutes of receiving it. it has since been replaced so it is pretty useless now... but it was still good to find it.

oh and one more thing, i was in a subs race to 500 with chrisontv88, we both gained allot of subs out of it, but sadly he gained more than me and I lost... but the race ran alot faster than we both expected, after we announced it, we were both around 400, and the race was over within a few days. which was great. 

woo this blog has become rather long... and i still have so much to talk about... OH! here's an idea... I will list what my next 3 blogs are going to be about here, but in cryptic clues, i will claim this is so i don't give to much away, but it is really so i can change my mind and just figure out some way to work it back so it seems relevant. and i will complete them THIS WEEK, i promise. But if i don't then please forgive me. 

next 3 blogs:

cryptic blog hint number 1: The awesomeness of the world and loling the days away

cryptic blog hint number 2: something rather graphic

cryptic blog hint number 3: CLICK

cryptic blog hint number 4: coolness prevails (ok I mentioned this thing earlier so you should get this one)

(not necessarily in that order)

ok that's all for now, byzes, i gotta go do my homework... or maybe ill paint the house... or put an end to world poverty... or pair up all my socks... 

what I'm currently listening to: my dog snoring 

p.s. to all those out there playing, I just lost the game. but so did you.

footnote: I accidentally backed up some huge movie files to my time machine, they were on my desktop temporarily, and the only way to delete them from my Time machine was to delete the entire backup from that day, i did this and it deleted the coded backups of over 500,000 folders... ZOMG... 

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blogging Apology's (Plus banners 1 & 2)

My apology's to everyone for not posting a b log recently, there have been 3 main reasons for this, i know there not really excuses, but there reasons. (there is a difference)

Reason one: creativity block really sucks... recently i have bee
n having allot of trouble coming up with good original video ideas, and had trouble writing interesting blogs, I have started writing a couple, but they have all ended up boring so i stopped. This is not a proper post, i will try and do one of those soon. for now this is just to let you know i haven't given up on blogging, i will be back and blogging again soon. 

Reason two: i went back to school recently and i have been quite busy since and i was quite busy leading up to that point. Things are calming down now as i slowly slide back into the school schedule, so as said earlier, expect more blogs soon! 

Reason three: To quote one they call Riverbasil "does anyone actually read this thing? seriously I'd love to know!" I dunno how many people actually read my blog, I don't just write for other people, i write for me, but if i knew there were people out there i might put that extra effort in to do regular Blogs, or post some of my creative writing up here occasionally, when I'm not up for blogging. So if you read, drop me a comment and say so! =)

and if anyone knows if there is a way to read viewing stats and so on for blogs then please tell me.

my banner has also changed recently, I am going to take a leaf out of Rohan's book and post the previous banner and the current banner as pics here, They will inevitably change again in
 the future (probably quite often) so this is a way that people can see the past ones. and tell me which ones you like most. =)
^^New Banner^^ 
vv Old Banner vv
K thanks Bye (forgive me for stealing your phrase Charlie! *cowers*)

Friday, 25 January 2008


When i was browsing looking for a cool gadget for my blog, and eventually came across my fish (and Clifford). i had found a few other cool ones i was considering. but i think 1 is enough for the page, so i am just posting these 2 within a blog itself.

(Nerdfighters FTW!)

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Blogspot holds a grudge

(I wrote this yesterday but couldn't upload it, i managed to fix my blogspot this morning, and actually ended uploading this the proper way, so ignore any references to the email uploading =) )

Greetings people of the tube... and random blog browsers.
Firstly i want to apologise For not posting in a few days. Blogspot has been acting up lately and since i created a wordpress account (just to see if it had any extra features) blogspot has refused to let me log on, i think it is annoyed at me for cheating on it with wordpress.
I posted this blog using the email blogging service that blogspot has. I have never used it before, so i hope it all works correctly. I am slightly annoyed at blogspot's password reset service, I filled out the forgotten password form, and it sent an email to the email address i registered it with. Contained in that email was a link to click, i followed the link and it lead me to a page which informed me that a SECOND email had been sent to the SECOND email address i submitted when registering. I of course had not entered a second email address when i registered, so i must wait 5 days to reset my password using my recovery question. #groan#

As i right this blog, i am sitting on my sofa with some friends around To celebrate my 17th, I've never been much of a party person, so i am just celebrating with a group of my close friends, We are playing burnout revenge on the xbox. it is one of my favourite games, I think it is the senseless mass carnage and destruction that appeals to my adolescent mind.

Speaking of mass destruction and carnage of the automobile variety, I got the topgear box set from my mum as a birthday present, which I was very happy about. I was never that into cars, UNTILL i discovered topgear. Im still not that into cars, but i know enough facts to spew out to impress even the most car obsessed freaks. but enough about that, I'm rambling. I better go and stop being an anti social blogger. but i just wanted to ask, has anyone seens TWK's new banner?

Look familiar? i present smosh's banner VV

this blog has ended up rather long, but i still have 3 more thing to say so i shall make them short.

1) I made my self a Banner for my blog, it is at the top if the page. what do you think? and any suggested improvements?

2) since i started blogging i have wanted to do something consistent with my blogs, like "picture of the now" like whataboutadam, but I hardly ever have a digital camera on me, and i could just use the isight, but the pictures would all be pretty much the same. so i have stolen something from Elrich's blog, and that is a "what I'm currently listening to" caption, so here it is!
Elrich, if you ever read this. i hope you don't object.

3) Like my fish?! they should be somewhere over to the left. the blue ones name is Clifford.  he seems to be kinda shy. 

What I'm currently listening to: Mm ma ma, by crazy loop.


I have written out a rather long and detailed blog, which i will be posting soon. when i figure out how to paste into the blogspot engine. 

blogspot has been playing up on me lately, and i don't know why. When it is all working correctly again i will hopefully be able to post it. sorry for the lack of recent posting.

c ya

p.s. sorry for the crappy blog but i haven't slept in over 36 hours, birthday celebrations and all that. =P

Thursday, 17 January 2008

MacBook Air: Concentrated sexy

If you took a concentrated block of pure sexy, and a concentrated block of pure awesome, and melted them down and made a laptop from them, you would be left with the MacBook Air.

Pure sexy

Watch the ad:

p.s. it is my birthday in 6 days so if anyone feels like being especially generous to a random blogger, i would be happy to be that random blogger! 

While were on the topic of mac, the modbook is pretty cool as well, but if mac ever release a tablet macbook  themselves it will be far better.

c ya

Sunday, 13 January 2008

A bold new years resolution

I think i am about to make the gutsiest news years resolution, i have ever made, and i am posting it in a blog because i am serious about it. i WILL do it. and this makes it somewhat official.

This year i am going to write a novel! 

Thats about it really. goodnight everyone.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

my daily Lol campaign

I has been 2 days i think since i wrote my first blog, and i thought i would write another one. i am writing this one not with background violence. but with a mix of Strange movie theme tunes such as austin powers and saw, and various 60's artist such as beetles and bee gees, and also a splash of modern well known pop and lesser known other stuff. i have strange taste in music. but i like it and thats what matters.
This particular blog is on a campaign i started with some friends who i met over the interwebz (bar one). and it is called the daily lol campaign. every day one of us sends an email to all the others, containing 1-5 things that made us literally laugh out loud. It has been quite successful so far, and has contained a large range of things, from comics to youtube videos to random funny pictures or gif's, to list of random funny facts. literally ANYTHING that made you laugh. and so far it has been very successful. It is leukes day for the lol's today, and he is yet to send them, but Im sure he will send them soon. Star your own daily lol campaign with some friends, laughing is great and spreading the laughs is even better!
as a closer, here are links to 2 great websites for comnics which often feature in the daily lol's

Thats all for today
p.s. I made this additional photobooth effect with quartz composer, It is an invisibility effect. i just added it in coz i think it is cool. =P

Tuesday, 8 January 2008



I am a sheep and I am starting a blog. deal with it.
I am a proud member of the technology obsessed, attention seeking, mass multi tasking A.D.D generation. and because of that i find it impossible to be doing only one thing at once. As i write this blog i am sitting in my lounge room with the TV on at high volume on some loud and violent 80's grunge movie, I'm not watching it, i just find it easier to concentrate with some background violence going.
This blog is going to be another creative outlet for me. Like youtube. but here i will just post anything that doesn't go anywhere else, weather it be creative writing i have done, random poems i have written, scanning of random doodling, or just my general thoughts on life the universe and everything. I am probably going to Keep most of my blogs short, because as i said. being a member of the A.D.D generation, my attention span is short. and if i commit to long blogs i probably would just give up within a few days. 

To finish off my first blog, i present to you a simple shirt i have designed and ordered from cafe press. i believe it categorizes my personality perfectly.
If you do not understand irony please leave. right now.