Monday, 28 April 2008

Am I being too harsh?

A few days ago, Chris, Raj and I where chatting on skype, and we got onto the topic of sub 4 sub. I detest sub for sub and am proud to say I never engaged in it, even when I had under 5 subs. anyway, while in the chat, i thought it would be funny to go around to a few of my good youtube friends pages and leaves comments that simply said "sub 4 sub?" and then chris joined in and did it aswell. It was intended as a joke and all our friends saw it as that. but it seems other people have been seeing the comments and taken them seriously and over the past few days I have received several serious sub for sub requests. I ignored them as i have always done and for a couple of them i simply replied with something along the lines of "sorry I don't do sub 4 sub, I prefer to earn my subscribers" now this is where this blog gets its purpose and ceases to be pointless drabble, and gets its soul.

Today i got this message from someone who recently subscribed to me.

"I subscribed to you and you never subscribed ME back. i thought you said you do sub 4 sub even though i usually dont"

and i replied with this

No I don't do sub for sub!
If you ever saw a sub for sub comment from me it was sent as an ironic joke to one of my friends because we always talk about how much we dislike sub for sub. don't bother un-subscribing I have done it for you. Sub for sub is not a good way to get subscribers. you need to earn them if you want them to be loyal and watch, it feels much better to earn them as well.
- Rob

now tell me, am I being too harsh?

While I'm being harsh, I just wan't to make a statement to a few of those who have complained about my punctuation and capitalization in my blogs. this is my blog, I come here to write, not to be graded. I will not always remember to capitalize my I's. I will not always remember to put an apostrophe in I'm and I will occasionally have typos.


RoboFillet said...

No, I don't think you were being too harsh except for maybe unsubscribing them. I figure they can unsubscribe if they have a problem, but I won't do it unless they cause me some serious grief.

Cla452 said...

For those who didn´t know about it beeing an ironic comment it may feel like you didn´t do what they expected, people don´t like to be frustrated as everyone knows. Some of those may have been waiting for you to subcribe cause you started it...I, particulary, don´t see the fun of doing what you did, oh, may be just me...Take care and ignore those who criticize meaningless things ;)

JohnOfJordan said...

Eh. That's what you get for joking around. =P

Sub4Sub is big currency for people who feel unappreciated and unimportant.

I mean it was fairly obvious to your friends because you already were subbed to them and they were subbed to you.

masterj said...

i think you were being a little harsh becaause they didn't know it was a joke in the first place

Nick said...

Not evil. Sub4Sub is evil. It completely defeats the purpose of the subscription. It's political and it stinks.

Chrisontv88 said...

I would have done the same thing ... but then again I'm a prick though.

Rache said...

I dont think you where being to harsh, I just find this blog kinda funny cos i'm not flashing back to where you told me to rate, comment, favourite and subscribe you and then where shocked when I subbed you because you thought I was already subscribed...ah good times