Friday, 25 January 2008


When i was browsing looking for a cool gadget for my blog, and eventually came across my fish (and Clifford). i had found a few other cool ones i was considering. but i think 1 is enough for the page, so i am just posting these 2 within a blog itself.

(Nerdfighters FTW!)

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Blogspot holds a grudge

(I wrote this yesterday but couldn't upload it, i managed to fix my blogspot this morning, and actually ended uploading this the proper way, so ignore any references to the email uploading =) )

Greetings people of the tube... and random blog browsers.
Firstly i want to apologise For not posting in a few days. Blogspot has been acting up lately and since i created a wordpress account (just to see if it had any extra features) blogspot has refused to let me log on, i think it is annoyed at me for cheating on it with wordpress.
I posted this blog using the email blogging service that blogspot has. I have never used it before, so i hope it all works correctly. I am slightly annoyed at blogspot's password reset service, I filled out the forgotten password form, and it sent an email to the email address i registered it with. Contained in that email was a link to click, i followed the link and it lead me to a page which informed me that a SECOND email had been sent to the SECOND email address i submitted when registering. I of course had not entered a second email address when i registered, so i must wait 5 days to reset my password using my recovery question. #groan#

As i right this blog, i am sitting on my sofa with some friends around To celebrate my 17th, I've never been much of a party person, so i am just celebrating with a group of my close friends, We are playing burnout revenge on the xbox. it is one of my favourite games, I think it is the senseless mass carnage and destruction that appeals to my adolescent mind.

Speaking of mass destruction and carnage of the automobile variety, I got the topgear box set from my mum as a birthday present, which I was very happy about. I was never that into cars, UNTILL i discovered topgear. Im still not that into cars, but i know enough facts to spew out to impress even the most car obsessed freaks. but enough about that, I'm rambling. I better go and stop being an anti social blogger. but i just wanted to ask, has anyone seens TWK's new banner?

Look familiar? i present smosh's banner VV

this blog has ended up rather long, but i still have 3 more thing to say so i shall make them short.

1) I made my self a Banner for my blog, it is at the top if the page. what do you think? and any suggested improvements?

2) since i started blogging i have wanted to do something consistent with my blogs, like "picture of the now" like whataboutadam, but I hardly ever have a digital camera on me, and i could just use the isight, but the pictures would all be pretty much the same. so i have stolen something from Elrich's blog, and that is a "what I'm currently listening to" caption, so here it is!
Elrich, if you ever read this. i hope you don't object.

3) Like my fish?! they should be somewhere over to the left. the blue ones name is Clifford.  he seems to be kinda shy. 

What I'm currently listening to: Mm ma ma, by crazy loop.


I have written out a rather long and detailed blog, which i will be posting soon. when i figure out how to paste into the blogspot engine. 

blogspot has been playing up on me lately, and i don't know why. When it is all working correctly again i will hopefully be able to post it. sorry for the lack of recent posting.

c ya

p.s. sorry for the crappy blog but i haven't slept in over 36 hours, birthday celebrations and all that. =P

Thursday, 17 January 2008

MacBook Air: Concentrated sexy

If you took a concentrated block of pure sexy, and a concentrated block of pure awesome, and melted them down and made a laptop from them, you would be left with the MacBook Air.

Pure sexy

Watch the ad:

p.s. it is my birthday in 6 days so if anyone feels like being especially generous to a random blogger, i would be happy to be that random blogger! 

While were on the topic of mac, the modbook is pretty cool as well, but if mac ever release a tablet macbook  themselves it will be far better.

c ya

Sunday, 13 January 2008

A bold new years resolution

I think i am about to make the gutsiest news years resolution, i have ever made, and i am posting it in a blog because i am serious about it. i WILL do it. and this makes it somewhat official.

This year i am going to write a novel! 

Thats about it really. goodnight everyone.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

my daily Lol campaign

I has been 2 days i think since i wrote my first blog, and i thought i would write another one. i am writing this one not with background violence. but with a mix of Strange movie theme tunes such as austin powers and saw, and various 60's artist such as beetles and bee gees, and also a splash of modern well known pop and lesser known other stuff. i have strange taste in music. but i like it and thats what matters.
This particular blog is on a campaign i started with some friends who i met over the interwebz (bar one). and it is called the daily lol campaign. every day one of us sends an email to all the others, containing 1-5 things that made us literally laugh out loud. It has been quite successful so far, and has contained a large range of things, from comics to youtube videos to random funny pictures or gif's, to list of random funny facts. literally ANYTHING that made you laugh. and so far it has been very successful. It is leukes day for the lol's today, and he is yet to send them, but Im sure he will send them soon. Star your own daily lol campaign with some friends, laughing is great and spreading the laughs is even better!
as a closer, here are links to 2 great websites for comnics which often feature in the daily lol's

Thats all for today
p.s. I made this additional photobooth effect with quartz composer, It is an invisibility effect. i just added it in coz i think it is cool. =P

Tuesday, 8 January 2008



I am a sheep and I am starting a blog. deal with it.
I am a proud member of the technology obsessed, attention seeking, mass multi tasking A.D.D generation. and because of that i find it impossible to be doing only one thing at once. As i write this blog i am sitting in my lounge room with the TV on at high volume on some loud and violent 80's grunge movie, I'm not watching it, i just find it easier to concentrate with some background violence going.
This blog is going to be another creative outlet for me. Like youtube. but here i will just post anything that doesn't go anywhere else, weather it be creative writing i have done, random poems i have written, scanning of random doodling, or just my general thoughts on life the universe and everything. I am probably going to Keep most of my blogs short, because as i said. being a member of the A.D.D generation, my attention span is short. and if i commit to long blogs i probably would just give up within a few days. 

To finish off my first blog, i present to you a simple shirt i have designed and ordered from cafe press. i believe it categorizes my personality perfectly.
If you do not understand irony please leave. right now.