Thursday, 10 January 2008

my daily Lol campaign

I has been 2 days i think since i wrote my first blog, and i thought i would write another one. i am writing this one not with background violence. but with a mix of Strange movie theme tunes such as austin powers and saw, and various 60's artist such as beetles and bee gees, and also a splash of modern well known pop and lesser known other stuff. i have strange taste in music. but i like it and thats what matters.
This particular blog is on a campaign i started with some friends who i met over the interwebz (bar one). and it is called the daily lol campaign. every day one of us sends an email to all the others, containing 1-5 things that made us literally laugh out loud. It has been quite successful so far, and has contained a large range of things, from comics to youtube videos to random funny pictures or gif's, to list of random funny facts. literally ANYTHING that made you laugh. and so far it has been very successful. It is leukes day for the lol's today, and he is yet to send them, but Im sure he will send them soon. Star your own daily lol campaign with some friends, laughing is great and spreading the laughs is even better!
as a closer, here are links to 2 great websites for comnics which often feature in the daily lol's

Thats all for today
p.s. I made this additional photobooth effect with quartz composer, It is an invisibility effect. i just added it in coz i think it is cool. =P

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