Friday, 29 February 2008

Something rather graphic

and the something rather graphic is! my graphics work! TAADAA!!

Ok so over the past week and a bit i have been working on some Graphic Design work, for my Art, Craft, Design (graphics) class (seriously, how many courses do they think they can mash into one class before people start feeling ripped off) 
For my first assignment for the class i chose to do 6 (ended up doing 7) vector style designs. i made them in flash and i am very happy with them! I am uploading them to here very low quality, see the full size ones by going to my deviant art account.

ok that's all for today, ill try and blog again soon, and my other 3 cryptic blogs will still happen! soon!

Okey dokey that's all for now

catcha next time

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Procrastination is a Beautiful Thing

I just found *pop* a rather large *pop* piece of *pop* bubble wrap *pop* so excuse me *pop* if i seem *pop* kind of *pop* distracted *pop* during this *pop* blog.
(That's your cue to chuckle... no? oh fine then...)

Ok so hello hello again everyone, after announcing i would try and post more blogs, I have not posted in a while. saying I have had nothing to blog about would be a lie, saying i haven't had the time would also be a lie. The main reason i haven't been blogging is i haven't had the motivation. but I'm blogging now so stop whining K?

SO i am supposed to be tidying my room... and then i must do my homework. but I have kind of been procrastinating a bit... Since starting to tidy my room i have
- made a facebook account
- replied to all my youtube messages
- updated my (private) myspace
- made a "board of cool" which i will talk more about in another blog (soon)
- tidied my computer desktop and many of my folders so i know where everything is and everything is easily accessible.
- wiped some rather large things from my time machine backup on my external hard rive (see footnote)
- watched 2 episodes of stargate atlantis (Geek and proud of it!)
- caught up on all the blog posts i needed to read
- polished my school shoes
- managed to resort my school bag so i only need to carry my laptop bag around and i can finally leave that big ol clunky bag at home
- tweaked my growl notification settings for mercury messenger (the third party MSN client i use) so now if i have been inactive for 40s or more, the message and loggin notifications stay on screen until I hover my mouse over them and then they fade away, (I find this is cool and usefull, but i can guarantee you don't, but afterall this is my blog, not your, so stick it! =P)

so even thought i haven't cleaned my room or done my homework, The procrastination has been very productive... although sadly i doubt my maths teacher will see it that way... 

WOW i just came back like 3 hours later and remembered about this blog. i have now tidied (and vacuumed would you believe!?!) my room! W00T! *happy dance* it is all clean and nice now. I suppose it was worth it, and i have re found some pretty nifty stuff, i lost a while ago, including my mums master card which i borrowed several months ago, and lost within minutes of receiving it. it has since been replaced so it is pretty useless now... but it was still good to find it.

oh and one more thing, i was in a subs race to 500 with chrisontv88, we both gained allot of subs out of it, but sadly he gained more than me and I lost... but the race ran alot faster than we both expected, after we announced it, we were both around 400, and the race was over within a few days. which was great. 

woo this blog has become rather long... and i still have so much to talk about... OH! here's an idea... I will list what my next 3 blogs are going to be about here, but in cryptic clues, i will claim this is so i don't give to much away, but it is really so i can change my mind and just figure out some way to work it back so it seems relevant. and i will complete them THIS WEEK, i promise. But if i don't then please forgive me. 

next 3 blogs:

cryptic blog hint number 1: The awesomeness of the world and loling the days away

cryptic blog hint number 2: something rather graphic

cryptic blog hint number 3: CLICK

cryptic blog hint number 4: coolness prevails (ok I mentioned this thing earlier so you should get this one)

(not necessarily in that order)

ok that's all for now, byzes, i gotta go do my homework... or maybe ill paint the house... or put an end to world poverty... or pair up all my socks... 

what I'm currently listening to: my dog snoring 

p.s. to all those out there playing, I just lost the game. but so did you.

footnote: I accidentally backed up some huge movie files to my time machine, they were on my desktop temporarily, and the only way to delete them from my Time machine was to delete the entire backup from that day, i did this and it deleted the coded backups of over 500,000 folders... ZOMG... 

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blogging Apology's (Plus banners 1 & 2)

My apology's to everyone for not posting a b log recently, there have been 3 main reasons for this, i know there not really excuses, but there reasons. (there is a difference)

Reason one: creativity block really sucks... recently i have bee
n having allot of trouble coming up with good original video ideas, and had trouble writing interesting blogs, I have started writing a couple, but they have all ended up boring so i stopped. This is not a proper post, i will try and do one of those soon. for now this is just to let you know i haven't given up on blogging, i will be back and blogging again soon. 

Reason two: i went back to school recently and i have been quite busy since and i was quite busy leading up to that point. Things are calming down now as i slowly slide back into the school schedule, so as said earlier, expect more blogs soon! 

Reason three: To quote one they call Riverbasil "does anyone actually read this thing? seriously I'd love to know!" I dunno how many people actually read my blog, I don't just write for other people, i write for me, but if i knew there were people out there i might put that extra effort in to do regular Blogs, or post some of my creative writing up here occasionally, when I'm not up for blogging. So if you read, drop me a comment and say so! =)

and if anyone knows if there is a way to read viewing stats and so on for blogs then please tell me.

my banner has also changed recently, I am going to take a leaf out of Rohan's book and post the previous banner and the current banner as pics here, They will inevitably change again in
 the future (probably quite often) so this is a way that people can see the past ones. and tell me which ones you like most. =)
^^New Banner^^ 
vv Old Banner vv
K thanks Bye (forgive me for stealing your phrase Charlie! *cowers*)