Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blogging Apology's (Plus banners 1 & 2)

My apology's to everyone for not posting a b log recently, there have been 3 main reasons for this, i know there not really excuses, but there reasons. (there is a difference)

Reason one: creativity block really sucks... recently i have bee
n having allot of trouble coming up with good original video ideas, and had trouble writing interesting blogs, I have started writing a couple, but they have all ended up boring so i stopped. This is not a proper post, i will try and do one of those soon. for now this is just to let you know i haven't given up on blogging, i will be back and blogging again soon. 

Reason two: i went back to school recently and i have been quite busy since and i was quite busy leading up to that point. Things are calming down now as i slowly slide back into the school schedule, so as said earlier, expect more blogs soon! 

Reason three: To quote one they call Riverbasil "does anyone actually read this thing? seriously I'd love to know!" I dunno how many people actually read my blog, I don't just write for other people, i write for me, but if i knew there were people out there i might put that extra effort in to do regular Blogs, or post some of my creative writing up here occasionally, when I'm not up for blogging. So if you read, drop me a comment and say so! =)

and if anyone knows if there is a way to read viewing stats and so on for blogs then please tell me.

my banner has also changed recently, I am going to take a leaf out of Rohan's book and post the previous banner and the current banner as pics here, They will inevitably change again in
 the future (probably quite often) so this is a way that people can see the past ones. and tell me which ones you like most. =)
^^New Banner^^ 
vv Old Banner vv
K thanks Bye (forgive me for stealing your phrase Charlie! *cowers*)


Gen said...

I read your blogs, i started out watching your youtube vids and now i do both. so know you know that at least on person does.

Anonymous said...

Hi - this is the first one I have read - now you know some-one else does. Why do your lines end in odd places ?

JohnOfJordan said...

I read your blog.

But then you already knew that... didn't you? ;)

he's probably

Lizosom said...

If school is reason, it is always o.k. :)

RLWOOD said...

Thanks to the daily lol - I now read your blog, and probably will go home and seek out your youtube videos to!

Kudos for keeping me entertained!