Friday, 29 February 2008

Something rather graphic

and the something rather graphic is! my graphics work! TAADAA!!

Ok so over the past week and a bit i have been working on some Graphic Design work, for my Art, Craft, Design (graphics) class (seriously, how many courses do they think they can mash into one class before people start feeling ripped off) 
For my first assignment for the class i chose to do 6 (ended up doing 7) vector style designs. i made them in flash and i am very happy with them! I am uploading them to here very low quality, see the full size ones by going to my deviant art account.

ok that's all for today, ill try and blog again soon, and my other 3 cryptic blogs will still happen! soon!

Okey dokey that's all for now

catcha next time


disneykid1 said...

those are seriously awesome. my favorites are the 2nd and 5th ones.
i'm finally free for once in my life so i'lll probably be seeing you on msn now!!

Lizosom said...

Love it!

Marcus said...

Ranking the art from top to bottom;

1. Ooh, fancy! Want that as my wallpaper.

2. Kinda disturbing. No thanks.

3. Like 1, bu without the WALLOP factor.

4. iPod ad much?

5. Gah! Makes my eyes hurt. But it's still well-made.

6. Not bad, but kinda... suggestive.

7. Brilliant. Almost up there with 1.

RoboFillet said...

I like the 5th one the best. All the arrows fit!