Saturday, 12 April 2008

I generally just do what im told...

WOW! okay nick, calm down, I'm sorry ill post more often, infact i might even post now!

I have been in the boarding house for a week now and it is fine, i come in here quite often because my mum goes away a fair bit. So for that reason I'm used to how everything works, and it is generally pretty easy to slip back into the schedule of things.

There are generally 3 things people ask about when they find out your going into boarding school, and i will attempt to answer all of them here.

Q: whats the food like?
A: In my oppinion the food is fine, allot of the boarders complain about it but they complain about allot of stuff so we won't bother with there opinions. when alot of people imagine boarding house food I think they imagine that classic scene from all american teen drama's with the kids walking up to the counter holding big metal trays and they have some browny grey still moving slop ladled onto there tray and they cringe and keep moving, this is certainly (and thankfully) not the case, last night for dinner there way choice of a vegetarian pasta dish, a sorta quiche thing and lasagna, and of course potatoes, beans and various salads for sides.

Ok that paragraph was getting out of control, I was jumping from one thing to another without making much sense so i am going to stop it and simply say the food is fine. :)

Q: is there a bedtime?
A: yes there is, everyone must be upstairs in the dorm areas by 9, in there own cubicles or rooms by 9:30 and lights out by 10. and yes sadly these rules are inforced, with people patroling and checking in on the various dorms to make sure all lights are out, and all people are in there beds. despite this most nights i have managed to stay up till around 11 watching movies, via either hiding my laptop under my bed cover or by hovering my hand over the screen brightness key and just turning the screen ligh off if someone ever enters the dorm.
oh yea im hell rebel...

Q: what are the rooms like?

The dorm's
(each curtained section is a different cubicle with 2 larger rooms at the end for the year 12's)

My desk space (if you look close enough yu can see this half written blog on the computer screen)

Ma bed(yay for bright colours!!)

Ok thats about it really for this post, see you all next time!


Judith said...

:( i miss boarding school

todays oneawesomeworld had nothing on you;)

Rache said...

that bed looks really uncomfortable
you so sneaky sneaky rob!

Nick said...

It's so small and depressing-looking. Hope you're having fun!

JohnOfJordan said...

I love how you answered all the things I wanted to ask about the boarding school the minute I found out about it, but didn't because they seemed like kinda dumb questions... lol