Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A Pretty Epic Day


How was my day you ask? EPIC thats how!

Ok, so I may have been sick home from school with a stomachache and dizziness, but today was still epic.

Epic things that happened today

Reached 700 subs (700th sub was residentmikelee)

Met 5 new epic youtubers

Had a totally epic 6 hour long skype chat with 6 epic youtubers

Became a member of an epic youtube brotherhood and secret society

Learn't the epic origins of Nar

Made a video responce to toddly00's epic "this is me..." video

Wrote a (mildly epic?) vlog post.

There was other stuff but I can't remember it all, so today i leave you with a demand:

All comments on this blog post must be epic, and contain randomly capatalised words. Or i will delete them!

(what do you mean you want me to properly puncuate and capatalise my blogs!? BAH! I don't need no punctuation! and besides, I'm lazy. I'm a teenager not an English teacher, punctuation is for squares... (do people still say squares? I'm so out of touch with today's slang... (WOW! brackets within brackets within brackets?! all correct English skills really have gone out the window haven't they...)))

ok bye


katrina said...

also, katrina put you in the sidebar on her website.

Chrisontv88 said...

DUDE ... that is BUT a taste of the EPICNESS to come ... we've done longer ones :)

Nick said...

You're not a founding member, but you're a member allright. Move to Wordpress and let the epicness continue. More EPIC to come.

Nanalew said...

You are epic for coming by my blog!

I'd add you to my blogroll but I dont have one at the moment. Cant be bothered to figure the bugger out. I have this person just called "dave" who keeps commenting my blog but I dont know who he is...

mysteries abound. Anyways. Hope youre well!

Nick said...