Friday, 28 March 2008


I detest the term "sup?" as a abbreviation of "what's up?". I hate it.
especially when used in IM.
The reason for this is i never know how to answer, to me,"sup?" means
"what's up?" and "whats up?" means "what's wrong?" and randomly
asking people "whats wrong" as soon as you start a conversation with
them just doesn't make any flipping sense!
I hate it! I detest having to answer it because I always just end up
saying "not much" no matter how much is actually "up" and then i move
on and say "life is pretty good/bad/amazing/awful/strange/cold/warm/
random/hippo infested", depending on what mood I'm in/the weather/the
political situation in Pakistan/the number of hippos infesting my
current residence, or all maner of other things which regularly change
my mood.

now, this is where the simple minded people may get confused, because
i detest answering the term so much, every time i start a conversation
with someone, i always say it after I say hi, i say it because in my
mind it makes sense, that if I ask it before they can, i won't have to
answer it, and I want have to go through the whole "not much" phase. I
know this means I am just passing the burden from one person to
another but it doesn't seem to irritate other people as much, or
atleast they seem to have no problem with asking it at every possible
opportunity, so i presume they don't mind it. although i also use it
at every possible opportunity... but everyone can't be like me or the
world would just be insane.

lets make an official agreement right here and now, i won't ask if you
don't ask, ok? good.

augh... i need to make a video...

augh... my computer's dictionary doesn't have "augh" in it... *add's
to dictionary* woo! now it does, ill probably regret that later... oh
well. at least the squiggly red line is gone.

okey dokey.

nyeeehhh, okey dokey isn't in my dictionary... *adds to dictionary*
augh... neither is "nyeeehhh" *adds to dictionary*

wooo!!! no red lines anymore... dammit... *adds to dictionary*



Rachel O said...

i hope the hippos leave sometime soon. or should i hope they stay? they probably make things interesting.

YES i totally agree with you. i hate "what's up?" ... i always have the most awkward response because i just don't know how to answer. and are they actually asking you what's going on in your life or just using it as a cooler substiture for "hi" or "hello"?

one of my friends always greets me like that and i'm just like "i don't know how to answer that. how are you?"

Lizosom said...

yesterday i started a conversation with one girl asking her can i sleep on her sholder. she said yes. so i did.

just for a record, italic is hard to read.

JohnOfJordan said...

The expression "Sup?" isn't even really a question, but rather an invitation to have the person it is being directed to initiate conversation.

Sort of "I don't know what to say to you, but I want to talk to you."

I've always been a very literal kind of guy. When people pose this question to me I frequently responded with answers like:
- The sun;
- The Moon;
- Some strange looking spider on my ceiling.

Similarly when people say "How are things?" I can't help but say, "Oh things are very good. How are 'things' with you?"

Although as far as ignorant abbreviations go, I think it's hard to go past: kthnxbi.

Seriously... can I buy a vowel?

JohnOfJordan said...

And further to what lizosom wrote...

- Italics (in large quantities) is hard to read!

- White text on a black background is REALLY hard to read!

- Run on sentences with no discernible ending place are ESPECIALLY hard to read!

Considering punctuating your blog entries.

31773. Upside Down. said...

Ahhh awesome blog.

A far too commonly occurring reoccurring msn conversation between myself and my cousin:

Me: *signs on*
Him: Sup?
Me: *fumes*
Him: ...
Him: Whichever.
Me: Okay whatever, i'm going. bye.

I can empathize.
Also, after writing this comment, apparently 'okay' isn't in my computers dictionary. grrr. Neither is 'grrr'. Or 'Ahh', or even 'msn'.
Some things in life just don't make sense.