Tuesday, 13 May 2008

English class Blog

oh... HAI!
I thought I would be different like chris and write my blog post somewhere strange like the toilet, but the best I can manage at this current time is my English classroom.

I am meant to be doing a case and product study thing, but I have pretty much finished and just need to wait until tomorrow when we all go into town to put our research and study into action and "buy" the products we have been researching, quite how all this is english related I am not sure but anyway, moving on. As i said, i am almost finished so for now I am doing nothing much.

Oh, I also updated my youtube page and banners yesterday, and I am VERY happy with them. I got tired of my old ones very fast... but these ones are more new and funky and my video banner allows for easy change.

I would upload my old and my new banners and background to this post... but the schools internet is really bad for upload. so I will link to the ones i have links to:
(now i know what your thinking your wondering why i didn't embed the mage via the link, the schools internet is weird... when i try and do that it just sorta sits there doing nothing for 5 mins or so and then says "upload from link failed"


Video banner

Page banner

Page background

ok thats about it for this English lesson blog post, I will bid you adue and go back to doing nothing much.

OH! one more thing before I go, If anyone has any suggestions for words to put into the video banner I would love to hear/read them so just leave them in a comment and you may see them in the banner soon!


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